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  • More. Dope. Beats… Three words once uttered in a basement between friends that signified a demand for better music, have since morphed into a movement, a collective, and a way of life. These days it seems as though too often there is a premium put on having a big name, even at the expense of playing good music. Even now in a time where there seems to be an over abundance of venues and acts, it seems there is a dearth of dope ass music. It’s because of this that our movement is a simple outcry with a simple message namely: Play Better Music. Dope music doesn’t have a genre. It doesn’t have to be underground or top 40. It doesn’t have to have lyrics or be completely electronic. It doesn’t have to be brand spanking new or classic oldies. What it does have to be is inspired. It does have to be something that moves you in one way or another and it does have to be something that represents the people as well as the people playing it. That is what More. Dope. Beats. is about. It’s about people coming together to enjoy better music or More Dope Beats as we like to call them, no matter who’s playing them, no matter the time or place. It’s very similar to what Heath Ledger’s Joker said in the Dark Knight: “This town deserves a better class of criminals (Or in this case DJs) and We’re gonna give it to ‘em” 

The Collective

Majin Boom


Way Up High

"The Captain"


When's The Last Time You Heard A Funky Diabetic?

Mastodon Sound




Sleepee Stone

Lighter's Up




Enter Sandmaan


Catch Some Waves





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Extremely Dope Music

The 3rd Annual "Boom"Fire


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